Woman Crashes Vehicle Into Lake While Fighting Off Bee

Entomophobia is the common fear or aversion to insects and bugs and can cause a slight or severe emotional reaction, usually in the form of anxiety or a panic attack.  Notable among these aversions is that of apiphobia, which is the fear of bees.  One woman who unfortunately had apiphobia, had an extreme reaction to a bee while driving along an Alabama highway which could have led to dire consequences.

A woman was driving in the Crossgate subdivision of Vestavia Hills, Alabama, when she stated  she was attacked by a bee and somehow lost control of her vehicle and drove off the road into the community lake.

The 24-year old, who remains unidentified, said that while driving the company van to a painting job in the neighborhood, a bee flew in the open window, stung her on the lip and, according to her statement, “I just freaked out!”  She attempted to swat the bee out of the window and ended up swerving off the road and crashing into the lake.  Fortunately for the woman, she was not injured and was able to escape her submerged vehicle and swim to safety.  She crawled out the passenger’s side window and after swimming to the bank, started screaming for someone to help her. 

After rescue workers checked her out and said she was fine, the woman stated that she was “so embarrassed,” for the incident, and also that she was afraid she “might get fired” for wrecking her boss’ van.

The proper procedure for when a bee flies into your vehicle is to gently brake and stop on the shoulder of the road.  After stopping, roll down the windows and coax the bee out the window.  By following this procedure, you eliminate not only harm to yourself, but to other drivers on the road, and, perhaps, even pedestrians out for a stroll.