Wininger Law Firm client receives $450,000 settlement in auto/truck collision

We are extremely pleased to announce the settlement of a fiercely litigated automobile wreck lawsuit where our client, a college freshman, suffered serious injuries when a large work truck fully loaded with heavy equipment turned into our client’s vehicle as she was traveling home after class at UAB.

Although the defendant and the steel company’s insurance lawyers claimed he turned left with a “green arrow,” we were able to prove through expert testimony that in fact, the worker’s green arrow had ended, and that he had failed to yield our client’s right of way as she travelled straight through the intersection with a green light.

Our young client suffered a fractured pelvis, a ruptured diaphragm and underwent two emergency surgeries, one of which was to remove her badly lacerated spleen. Without the outstanding care she received in the emergency department and in the UAB trauma surgery suites, she would have surely died as a result of this horrific impact. We were prepared to take the case to trial with the aid of Trial Presentation, and it was only at the last minute that the insurance company agreed to pay.

Now she is back in college, after intensive rehabilitation working toward her degree in marine biology.  It was truly a pleasure to work for this young woman and her family. We feel that, the settlement of $450,000.00 will assist her in her future and are pleased that our hard work resulted in such a successful outcome.

If you, a loved one, or a friend is seriously injured in a wreck, please contact us for a free consultation. Never assume the other driver’s insurance company is being truthful or honest with you about the value of your potential case. In this case the lawyers representing the steel company and its insurance carrier consistently claimed the wreck was the fault of our young client . . . that is, until we located expert witnesses who proved without any doubt that the steel company driver caused the horrible personal injury to our client.