Why Everyone Needs an Advance Directive

Last weekend my wife had a pain that wouldn’t seem to go away so we ended up at the emergency room. One of the first questions asked by the hospital admissions representative was, “Do you have an Advance Health Care Directive?” I’m sure the woman thought we were crazy, but we both began to laugh.

My law firm has recently been advising ALL our clients to have a Living Will or Advance Health Care Directive properly executed. We had been so intent on making sure our clients were set that we had forgotten that WE needed one as well!

The document is simple and sets out what medical procedures you want, and perhaps even more importantly what you do not want, should your medical condition become critical and you are not able to inform your doctors and health care professionals about your wishes. After executing the document you can rest assured that your wishes will be carried out. And if you change your mind about the decisions you can just tear up the document which renders it invalid.

Everyone please execute an Advance Health Care Directive. Do it for your family.