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Serious Injuries and Fatalities Caused by Rollover Accidents in Alabama

Approximately 24,000 people are injured in rollover accidents in the United States each year. Although this figure represents only a fraction of the 2.3 million people injured in vehicle crashes annually, rollover crashes cause one-third of all occupant deaths in the nation.

Vehicles with high centers of gravity and narrow-track axles, such as SUV’s, pickup trucks and large capacity vans, are more susceptible to rollover accidents.

Many rollover fatalities or catastrophic injuries occur due to seatbelt malfunction, often causing passengers to be ejected from the vehicle. Others are fatally injured when the roof of their vehicle collapses on impact. Catastrophic injuries to the brain or spinal cord are common in rollover wrecks. If the fuel system of the vehicle fails to maintain its integrity in a rollover, the resulting fuel leak can lead to serious burn injuries in an occupant of a sports utility vehicle.

Wininger Law Firm: Effective Legal Representation in Birmingham Rollover Accidents

If you or a loved one has been seriously injured in a rollover wreck, the Birmingham rollover accident lawyers at Wininger Law Firm can help you. Our team has the legal knowledge and experience necessary to analyze and litigate serious SUV rollover accidents. At no cost to you, we can meet with you during an initial accident or injury consultation to determine if your accident was caused by a tire defect, a design flaw in the automobile, or due to the negligent acts of another driver.

Tripped and Untripped Rollovers

Although newer model SUVs are equipped with Electronic Stability Control (ESC) and are stable on flat surfaces, any vehicle with a high center of gravity can veer sideways off the road, causing the tires to come into contact with a “tripping mechanism” such as soft soil, an uneven surface or a guardrail, and to “trip” over itself.

Untripped rollovers commonly occur when a driver who is traveling at high speeds, suddenly turns his wheel to avoid an obstacle. The interaction between road surface and tire friction results in the vehicle tipping over.

Manufacturers are working to combat rollover accidents by designing vehicles lower to the ground and with wider track widths.

Some key factors in rollover injuries and fatalities are listed here:

  • SUV’s or other vehicles with a high center of gravity and narrow-track width
  • Roof collapse or roof crush due to inadequate roof strength of vehicle
  • Driver overcorrection; evasive swerving; hydroplaning; loss of driver control
  • Uneven side-to-side weight distribution which affects the center of gravity
  • Unrestrained driver or passenger ejection during rollover
  • Substandard safety features; improperly designed or installed seat belts
  • Improperly sized or improperly inflated or worn tires; defective tires
  • Contact with uneven terrain which causes the vehicle to “trip” and roll

The Dangers of 15-Passenger Vans

Go to any nonprofit agency or airport hotel and you will find a 15-passenger van used to ferry passengers from place to place. Such vans are higher, longer and wider than standard size vehicles and are more difficult to maneuver or to bring to a complete stop. Inexperienced drivers can under-steer or over-steer in a road emergency, causing the van to tip or rollover. This is especially true if the weight of passengers or objects are unevenly distributed inside the van, causing a shift in the vehicle’s center of gravity.

Located in Birmingham and serving the state of Alabama, Wininger Law Firm helps rollover accident victims recover compensation for medical expenses, long-term care, lost wages, and pain and suffering. Our Alabama SUV rollover accident attorneys are only paid if we are successful in winning a settlement or court verdict for you. Please call us at 888.808.INJURY to discuss your rollover claim.

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