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Negligence in Serving of Alcohol in Bars and Clubs

For adults over 21, it is illegal in Alabama to drive with a Blood Alcohol Level (BAC) of .08 or higher. For drivers with a Commercial Driver’s License, the laws are even tougher. Despite these laws, Mothers Against Drunk Drivers reports that In the past five years, over 1,733 Alabama residents have tragically lost their lives in accidents caused by drunk drivers.

Alabama Dram Shop Laws

Alabama has laws, called “dram shop laws” that regulate the distribution and sale of alcohol. These laws impose liability on bars, clubs, restaurants, liquor stores or convenience stores that sell alcohol to noticeably intoxicated individuals or minors.

A third party, such as a spouse, parent or child — may sue an establishment or store for over-serving, selling, or giving alcohol to a minor or intoxicated individual — if the third party is injured, loses his means of support, or sustains property damage due to the actions of the intoxicated individual.

Our Birmingham personal injury attorneys are well known in Alabama for our excellent trial skills. Since 1964, we have obtained compensatory damages for our clients’ medical bills, pain and suffering, and for lost income due to an intoxicated driver’s reckless actions. In addition, we are prepared to bring actions against the bars and taverns that set these tragedies into motion by over-serving an obviously drunk patron.

Wrongful Death Claims against Alabama Drunk Drivers

If you have been injured, or have tragically lost a family member, due to the negligent actions of a drunk driver, you are entitled to hold the driver legally responsible.

The Alabama Dram Shop Liability Lawyers at Wininger Law Firm have since 1964, assisted families who have lost a spouse, father, mother or child at the hands of a drunk driver.

Our law firm has little tolerance for the wanton and negligent behavior of intoxicated drivers. This is especially true if their actions have led to the loss of life or serious injury.

We take swift and deliberate actions in court to bring the drunk driver to justice. On behalf of family members, we sue for punitive damages in order to punish the person and to deter him and others from driving drunk and hurting another person.

It is important to seek the guidance of a personal injury or birmingham wrongful death attorney if you or a loved one has been harmed in a DUI crash. In Alabama, there is a statute of limitations for personal injuries sustained in an accident. Call 205.322.3663 to talk to an Alabama dram shop liability lawyer and preserve your legal rights.

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