Truck and Railroad Vehicle Collide

When a road crosses  railroad tracks, motorists count on the warning lights at the crossing to signal when a train is coming, and thus prevent a collision between the motor vehicle and the train.  Unfortunately for one Alabama motorist, the warning lights were not working at a crossing and he collided with a railroad vehicle which resulted in serious injury to one driver in the incident.

At a railroad crossing near Moores Mill and Jordan roads this morning, one person was injured when a pickup truck collided with a railroad maintenance vehicle, stated Huntsville police.  According to Sgt. Warmbrod, two railroad vehicles – one towing the other –  were crossing the intersection on their way to a railroad museum, when a red pickup truck going southbound collided with the railroad vehicle that was being towed.  One man was thrown out of the railroad vehicle, and was taken to Huntsville hospital where he is listed in serious condition.

Sgt. Warmbrod said that apparently the warning lights at the crossing were not working.  This fact was confirmed by Hugh Dudley, an employee at the North Alabama Railroad Museum.  Dudley said  the vehicle that was hit is called a “speeder” and is used to maintain the tracks and right of way of the railroad.  The “speeder” was being towed to the museum because it had broken down.

The driver of the pickup truck and the passenger of the tow vehicle were not injured in the collision, and the railroad vehicle was returned to the railroad museum.

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