Time is Critical After Auto Accidents

If you, a loved one or friend are injured in a wreck, please remember that the most important time to begin a thorough investigation into the facts and circumstances surrounding the wreck is, well, immediately. Let me explain why time is of the essence in wreck investigation.

The big insurance companies have teams of investigators and lawyers whose entire lives are spent doing whatever they can to save their companies money. While you are being transported by Ambulance for emergency treatment, the insurance companies have already assigned an investigation team to visit and photograph the wreck scene, the damaged vehicles and to scour the area for witnesses who might have seen the wreck. Do not for a second believe that these insurance companies are conducting a fair and balanced investigation. They are solely and exclusively searching for evidence and testimony that might prove that the wreck was not the fault of their policy holder, but that the wreck was partially your fault, thereby relieve the insurance company from its obligation to pay for your injures and damages.

Having represented injury victims since 1964, we at the Wininger Law Firm, are very experienced in wreck investigation and can have lawyers, staff and certified investigators arrive at the scene quickly enough to document the movement of the vehicles involved, photograph and videotape the scene to speak with witnesses, and also to ensure that no one tampers with any evidence.

We recommend that everyone in your family carry one of our lawyers’ business cards so that we can begin our investigation as soon as you give us the authority to do so. One of our Firm’s mottos is “Start ahead and stay ahead.” Usually, the sooner we are able to become involved in the investigation and prosecution of your claim, the better the results. Don’t allow the insurance company’s minions to sabotage or devalue your valid claim. Call us immediately so we may begin working for you.