Settlement in Misfilled Prescription Case

The Wininger Law Firm is proud to announce the confidential settlement of a lawsuit on behalf of a female client against a large, national chain pharmacy doing business here in the Birmingham area.

The lawsuit alleged that the pharmacy, through the actions of its pharmacists, negligently filled and dispensed a prescription drug which was TEN (10) TIMES the dosage actually prescribed by the patient’s prescribing physician. Our client suffered reactions and injuries, some unfortunately permanent, as an alleged result of the overdose.

All terms of this settlement are confidential, but we are extremely satisfied with the result, as is our client.

We ask all our clients to always closely check their prescriptions, especially those filled by the large chain pharmacies. The pharmacists and technicians at those operations often fill hundreds of prescriptions per day and it is not uncommonthat errors occur. Always talk with the pharmacist if you are not positive that you have received the proper drug and dosage, or are unsure how to properly take the medicine.

If you or a loved one has been injured by a negligently filled prescription, please call our office for a free evaluation of your potential claim.