Saving Lives: Texting While Driving Ban in Birmingham

Kudos to the Birmingham City Council for their unanimous passage of a citywide ban on texting while driving. Sending and receiving text messages takes the driver’s attention away from the very most important part of driving, keeping eyes on the road. This step is similar to the law which requires seat belt usage, which is now enforced state-wide. Hopefully soon we will disallow texting while driving in our entire state.

Now I hope the city, and in time the state, will begin examining the incredibly large number of wrecks involving inexperienced teen drivers after sunset. These numbers, which are rarely discussed, are sobering. Its time to have a Graduated Driver’s Licensing Program here in Alabama, as has been instituted in several other states. As every driver knows, there is absolutely NO SUBSTITUTE FOR EXPERIENCE behind the wheel. Let’s make this happen together. We can help save uncounted lives.