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Alabama Dog Attacks and Mauling

There are over 78 million dogs in America. Each year approximately 4.5 million people in the U.S. are bitten by dogs. About 800,000 of those who suffer through such attacks end up in an emergency room or doctor’s office.

The Centers for Disease Control report that up to 31,000 people a year must undergo reconstructive surgery to repair damaged tissue, nerves and bones as a result of dog bites. The surgery is often necessary to minimize the appearance of permanent scarring.

Tragically, over half of these cases involve young children, who may be disfigured for life, and who suffer grievous mental trauma following an animal mauling.

The annual costs for dog bites in America are enormous. According to the Insurance Information Institute:

  • The average homeowner’s insurance claim for dog bites in 2010 was $26,166
  • One-third of all homeowners insurance liability claims in the U.S. are for dog attacks

Generally, if a dog owner knows that his dog has vicious propensities and has previously attacked, Alabama holds that the dog owner can be held liable for injuries to a dog bite victim. In addition, if the dog owner, “had knowledge of, or had reason to know of, the dog’s dangerous propensities,” then the owner can be held legally accountable for his dog’s actions. Contact a Birmingham dog bite lawyer at the Wininger Law Firm today.

Alabama Property and Business Owner Liability: Trip and Fall and Other Injuries

A property owner or business owner, who is responsible for maintaining the property, may be legally held responsible for personal injuries that occur on the premises due to unsafe conditions.

Examples of this would include:

  • Goods from a shelf in a “Big Box” store, fall on a customer who is shopping
  • A customer trips and falls on an object, a food item, or a liquid spill in a business
  • A homeowner or landlord fails to maintain safe sidewalks on the premises
  • A customer is injured by a cart pushed by a grocery clerk

Property owners have the duty to make the premises safe for all visitors. At Wininger Law Firm, LLC, we handle a vast array of premises liability cases, including cases where business owners or property owners failed to protect their customers or patrons from criminal acts, robberies or assaults, due to inadequate security measures.

We Handle Negligent Security Cases

Some examples of Negligent Security on personal property, in businesses, schools or on public transportation, include:

  • Insufficient guards or security personnel on the premises of a school or business
  • Unsafe or inadequate lighting; broken windows or locks; faulty metal detectors
  • Broken or inadequate security cameras or surveillance videos

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