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Broken bones are painful and can have potentially severe consequences to an accident victim, depending upon the anatomical location and type or degree of the fracture.

If you have sustained an arm or a leg fracture in an accident or from another type of injury, you should speak with a Birmingham broken bone lawyer. You may have lost some of your mobility, such as the ability to perform normal office duties. A hand injury, for example, can prevent you from typing on a computer keyboard. If you are unable to walk and are confined to a wheelchair, your doctor has probably ordered you to stay off work and recuperate at home. As time ticks by, you are losing wages. You have also incurred enormous medical bills, suffered great pain and discomfort, and may have additional psychological wounds from the incident.

If you or someone dear to you has suffered because of the negligent or careless actions of another, either in an automobile accident or on the job, please call a Birmingham broken bones injury lawyer today at 205.322.3663.

Financial Compensation for Bone Fracture Accidents on the Job

The Alabama Compound Fracture attorneys at Wininger Law Firm, LLC, are well versed in finding just compensation for clients who have broken bones or other injuries incurred in a car accident, defective product case, or on the job.

We can assist you with the following types of broken bone cases:

  • Broken bones due to a Personal Injury, a Defective Product, or an accident at work (Workers Compensation Case)
  • Rib fractures or spiral fractures in children from abuse-related injuries
  • Life-threatening or catastrophic fractures of the skull or spine
  • Atypical femur fractures in elderly, osteoporosis drug cases (bisphosphonates)
  • Hip or bone fractures from negligence or abuse in nursing homes
  • Fractures from a pedestrian accident, auto or commercial truck collision, ATV, railroad accident or mining disaster
  • Broken bones due to negligent supervision of children in school or on playgrounds

A Birmingham compound fracture attorney at Wininger Law Firm, LLC, can assist you with your personal injury or Workers Compensation claim, whether you have been injured at work or in an automobile or truck accident. You deserve compensation for painful and debilitating broken bone injuries. We are here to help. Call us now at 205.322.3663 to discuss your case.

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