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Our Campus Accident Attorney Explains a Student’s Right to Be Compensated for Injuries

Alabama is home to the University of Alabama, the University of Alabama at Birmingham, Auburn University, Alabama State University and many other community colleges and universities. All students attending Alabama schools or colleges who are injured due to the negligent actions of others have the right to be compensated for their injuries.

Premises Liability: Negligent Security Claims on Campus

Although colleges traditionally offer students an opportunity for academic and personal growth, the school may sometimes fall short when it comes to protecting a student from foreseeable harm.

The doctrine of negligent security says that a college may be held liable for injuries to students during an assault or attack if the school failed to exercise reasonable care in preventing a student from being harmed by a third party on school property.

An assault or injury victim may recover damages for medical and psychological care, pain and suffering, wage loss, and for permanent scarring, impairment or disability.

For instance, if a college had knowledge of previous campus attacks in a school dorm and did not take adequate security precautions to prevent further assaults in the same area — or failed to adequately warn students of a foreseeable threat to their safety — then the college may be held responsible. Subsequently, victims of rape, assault, robbery or muggings may assert a Negligent Security claim for damages against the university.

Negligent Security can also include the university’s failure to provide or maintain proper lighting in stairwells or parking lots, lack of security cameras, or broken locks or windows in a dormitory.

Generally, the injured student can file a negligent security claim against the school for damages sustained in a college parking lot, classroom, or on any school-owned property. Because the law is complex, it may preclude compensation in a hazing injury at a college-owned fraternity house, if the initiation rite was not officially sponsored by the college.

Slip and Fall Injuries on Campus

You may file a Premises Liability Claim against a college if you trip and injure yourself on badly-maintained property, such as a jagged sidewalk on campus. The school has a duty to identify and repair trip-and-fall hazards. Something as simple as a highly-waxed floor can cause broken bone injuries to a student.

Other Accident Injuries

Since 1964, the Alabama campus accident attorneys at Wininger Law Firm, LLC, have fought for the rights of injured university students to receive compensation for injuries both off and on-campus. Call us today at 888.808.INJURY to arrange for a discreet free injury or accident consultation.

Injuries are caused by the unsafe acts of others or because of unsafe conditions. Our skilled accident attorneys have represented men and women with Premise Liability or Personal Injury claims, arising from:

  • Injuries caused by drunk drivers; Passenger injuries
  • Traumatic or fatal injuries from sexual or physical violence
  • Automobile, motorcycle, bicycle or pedestrian accidents, on or off-campus
  • Campus Slip and Fall Injuries
  • On-the-job injuries at school or elsewhere
  • Sports injuries or death due to improper or defective gear, or improper training
  • Improper Consent injuries to minors (lack of parental or guardian consent)
  • Campus Injuries due to Negligent Security
  • Hazing Injuries

We are paid on a contingency fee basis. This means that you don’t have to pay us unless we are successful in winning a settlement or court judgment for you. If you feel that you have been injured on campus, and the school could have prevented your injury by taking proper safety precautions, call us today at 888.808.INJURY to talk to a lawyer about Negligent Security claims.

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