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Traumatic Amputation Injuries in Birmingham Accidents

The loss of a limb due to injury in an automobile collision or at work, often results in profound lifestyle changes. There are enormous physical and psychological challenges to be met. Everyday function or the ability to work may be seriously impaired or even destroyed after an accident.

The loss of an upper or lower extremity due to an accident is known as traumatic amputation. Blunt force injuries suffered during a car crash can tragically lead to the loss of a finger, hand, toe, foot, arm or leg.

Approximately 53% of non-fatal worksite amputations occur in the manufacturing industry (machinery accidents). Two-thirds of fatal worksite traumatic amputations occur in the fields of public utilities and transportation, agriculture and manufacturing.

Potential Complications from Traumatic Amputation Injuries

Potential complications from a traumatic amputation may include:

  • Blood Loss; Shock
  • Superficial or deep wound infection; Sepsis
  • Crushing injuries/damage to surrounding tissues, bones, skin or muscles
  • Nerve Damage
  • Pain; Phantom Pain
  • Death

The psychological trauma of amputation can leave scars as well. The gamut of emotions can range from disbelief, denial, fear, depression, uncertainty about the future, and nightmares about the accident itself.

Life after Amputation

The Alabama amputation injury lawyers at Wininger Law Firm, LLC know that adapting to life after amputation takes courage and perseverance. Many individuals who have suffered through traumatic injuries or amputations must undergo extensive and costly rehabilitation and physical therapy to regain strength, flexibility and mobility after an accident.

In addition, the services of physiatrists and prosthetists are often needed to enhance the individual’s mobility through the use of prosthetic devices or limbs.

While the cost of this rehabilitation and medical care can be extremely high, it can also be recoverable! Consult the Personal Injury attorneys at Wininger Law Firm, and let us begin fighting for you today!

Work Injuries and Automobile Collision Amputations

If you or someone you love, have suffered from a traumatic injury or amputation as a direct result of your job, in a car crash, or due to the careless actions of others, the Birmingham amputation injury lawyers at Wininger Law Firm can help you obtain the compensation you deserve for steep medical and rehabilitation bills, psychiatric costs, pain and suffering, and current and future (diminished capacity) wage losses.

The Wininger Law Firm, LLC, is well versed in handling Workers Compensation or Personal Injury cases involving:

The loss of a limb can be life-threatening and can lead to long term medical care and rehabilitation. We strive to assist those who have suffered a traumatic amputation in an automobile or work accident to obtain the compensation they deserve for their injuries. Call a Birmingham amputation injury attorney at Wininger Law Firm today to schedule a free initial accident or injury consultation at 205.322.3663 or 888.808.INJURY.

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