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As Alabama personal injury lawyers, we have the privilege and honor to represent clients injured in accidents. If you or a family member has suffered injuries caused by another party, you need an attorney you can trust. Thousands of clients have trusted us for more than 50 years because of our commitment, knowledge, and hard work.

A personal injury claim, when successful, can be the difference between barely scraping by and having a solid financial footing to help you get your life back. The Wininger Law Firm has helped many others who’ve been injured over the years. We can help you, too.

Not Hiring an Alabama Personal Injury Lawyer Would be a Mistake

You may try to negotiate a settlement with an insurance company, but that would be a mistake. You don’t perform your own dentistry. You won’t build an addition to your home by yourself. You understand there are times when you’re better off getting help from someone with specialized knowledge and experience. There are many reasons The Wininger Law Firm is the best choice for you and your family.

You don’t know what your claim is worth.

  • We’ve handled thousands of cases over the years. We understand how insurance companies and juries evaluate claims. Do you? The value you come up with may be much less than it’s worth and the insurance company will be eager to settle your case. If you pick a figure that’s too high, the insurance company may not bother negotiating with you.

Our Alabama personal injury lawyers know how insurance companies work.

  • We know the evidence they look for and their negotiating tactics. The team at The Wininger Law Firm knows the games they play, and we avoid them. We also know insurance companies don’t take unrepresented claimants seriously.

There are no fees if you don’t recover a settlement or jury verdict.

  • We’re paid a contingency fee which is a share of your recovery.

Nearly all personal injury cases settle.

  • How much experience do you have negotiating? We negotiate with insurance companies and other lawyers every day. We know what approaches work best for our clients and understand the tactics our opponents will try to use against us. If negotiations aren’t going well, we may use an outside mediator to help the parties reach a resolution.

If the insurance company doesn’t settle, will you bring your case to court?

  • Most lawyers with many years of experience in other legal areas won’t take personal injury cases. They understand their lack of knowledge and experience will harm their clients. Filing your own lawsuit is a recipe for disaster.

A critical part of our success is our investigative team.

  • Personal injury claims are built on facts, and we know how to find them. We put in time and effort to find out what went wrong, why, and who’s responsible. We’ll hire outside experts when necessary.

As much as we want claims to be successful, we’re objective when we evaluate cases and discuss them with our clients.

  • An attorney who sugar coats your case won’t do you any good. If you’re injured, you may feel anger, pain, frustration, and fear. Your feelings could impact how you see the facts and cloud your judgment. You need another perspective to get the best results.

Our Personal Injury Lawyers in Alabama Know How Negligence Law Works

Our firm helps people with all kinds of injuries caused by others, no matter where or how the accident happened. Except for a few instances where injuries are caused intentionally, our cases involve errors that shouldn’t have occurred. All these claims have negligence in common. It’s a legal theory meant to hold parties accountable for their mistakes.

What’s Needed to Prove Negligence in an Alabama Personal Injury Case

To have a successful negligence case, you need to prove, with strong evidence, that it’s more likely than not that the party responsible for your injury was negligent in causing an accident. Our team of personal injury lawyers in Alabama would establish:

  • The negligent person who injured you has an obligation to do something. This could mean they were driving a truck with properly functioning brakes, cleaning a store floor, or making sure electrical lines at a construction site are safe.
  • They failed to live up to their obligation. For example, a driver drove drunk; a college didn’t safely light an area where crimes had taken place; or a nursing home over-worked and under-staffed its facility to save money.
  • Their failure to meet their obligation caused the accident and your injuries. This could happen when a driver who ignored a stop sign and struck your car caused your broken bones. Or when you slipped on a slick retail store floor and injured your back. Or a distracted nurse gave the wrong medications to your loved one in a nursing home, causing seizures.
  • You suffered damages as a result of your injuries. Damages can be economic, but also non-economic. They can include: past and future medical bills, pain, suffering, past lost income, expected future income loss, harm done to relationships, and the cost of property that was damaged or destroyed.
  • Under Alabama law, those who caused your injuries must compensate you for the harm they caused.

How Our Team of Alabama Personal Injury Lawyers Can Help You

Were you partially at fault for an accident? Unlike the law in most states, under Alabama law if a defendant can show you are partially to blame for the accident, your case could be dismissed. Given this limitation, it’s important to call The Wininger Law Firm so we can meet and talk about your accident.

Our attorneys understand insurance coverage and payments. Insurance is critical to personal injury claims. Depending on the facts, the damages in a case can be substantial, far more than an individual or a small business can pay. Insurance policies can pay for the insured’s legal defense, a settlement, or verdict, subject to the policy’s exclusions and limits.

Here’s an essential tip: Avoid talking to the other party’s insurance company. They’ll want you to say something that will show you’re responsible in some way so they can deny your claim. You may mistakenly tell them what they want to hear. That’s where our experienced attorneys come in. We do the talking for you. Let us negotiate with the insurance company representatives on your behalf.

Our Alabama Personal Injury Attorneys Handle Vehicle Accident Claims

Most of our clients are injured in vehicle accidents. Though modern life couldn’t be possible without motor vehicles, accidents can cause fatal and life-changing injuries.


Some manufacturers put profit ahead of safety by designing or making ATVs at the lowest cost, using inferior materials. The US Product Safety Commission estimates about 90,000 people are injured and 120 people killed in ATV accidents in the country annually. Children suffer more than half of all ATV injuries and deaths. An ATV’s defective design or manufacturing can cause life-threatening rollovers and lethal injuries to riders of all ages.


Recovering from injuries caused in a car crash can take months to years, and you may never fully recover. You may lose your job and your ability to support your family, adding to the stress caused by your injuries. An insurance company won’t look after you. The adjuster who calls may promise to investigate your claim, but the company will focus on reducing its liability and financial exposure. The Wininger Law Firm’s goal is to negotiate or litigate your case until a successful settlement or verdict is won.


Motorcycles offer a unique experience but much less protection than an automobile. Riders are far more likely to be injured or killed in an accident compared to car occupants. The Alabama motorcycle accident lawyers at The Wininger Law Firm know there’s an unfair bias against motorcyclists by law enforcement officers, insurance companies, and jurors. Our motorcyclist clients don’t bring accidents upon themselves.


Large trucks are involved in about 460,000 crashes annually, killing about 5,000 people. In nearly all fatal accidents involving passenger vehicles, the driver of the smaller vehicle is the one killed. For more than 56 years, we have successfully represented truck accident victims and their family members in injury or wrongful death cases. We zealously represent our clients against trucking companies, their company lawyers, and insurance carriers.


A pedestrian is no match for the force of a car or truck in an accident. There’s a huge potential for life-threatening or lethal injuries after a pedestrian is struck by a vehicle, then thrown back onto the street or into an object.

Our Personal Injury Attorneys in Alabama Help Clients Hurt in All Kinds of Situations

Many of our clients are recovering from an injury sustained in a wide range of accidents, in one of many locations. They all benefit from the experience and knowledge we’ve developed in our more than 50 years of service to Alabama communities.

Whether you’re a college student, miner, railroad worker, have a loved one in a nursing home, you’re injured on the job, or are the victim of a sexual predator, our personal injury lawyers in Alabama will fight for your rights and help you obtain the best outcome possible.

Non-Vehicle Types of Cases We Handle

  • Campus Accidents
  • Dram Shop
  • Mining Accidents
  • Construction Accidents
  • Premises Liability
  • Railroad Accidents
  • Defective Products
  • Molestation
  • Workers’ Compensation
  • Nursing Home Abuse

If You’re Looking for an Alabama Personal Injury Attorney, The Wininger Law Firm is Here for You

Since 1964, our clients have obtained more than $130 million in settlements and verdicts in a vast array of cases, thanks to the knowledge, experience, and hard work of The Wininger Law Firm’s Alabama personal injury attorneys. Call us today at (205) 322-3663 and schedule a free consultation about your personal injury case. We can talk about your situation, how state law may be applied, and what you should do next.

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