Workers Compensation

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Injuries on the Job

If you are injured on the job in Alabama, the Workers Compensation system provides benefits to you for lost wages, medical bills, prescription costs, medical mileage, medical supplies, rehabilitation services, and vocational training.

You may only receive compensation for financial losses. Unfortunately, you are not entitled to receive compensation for pain and emotional suffering.

Because workers compensation is a state mandated, no-fault insurance program, you are not entitled to sue your employer or a co-worker for liability, even if their negligence may have caused the accident. The system was initially designed to streamline the claims process and to provide rapid financial assistance to an injured worker, without the complications of a lawsuit.

Under this program, you are able to receive compensation even if you were at fault for your injuries.

Other Claims for Work Injuries

Generally, if you are at work and are injured by a co-worker, you are not entitled to file a separate personal injury claim against him, if you were both performing your normal work duties. You may file a personal injury claim against him, however, if he intentionally caused your injury.

You can sue a third party who causes you harm while you are on duty. For instance, if you work for the power company and are repairing a power line in the scope of your employment, you may sue a negligent driver if he runs into your work truck and severely injures you in the process.

You may also file a product liability claim against a manufacturer, if defective machinery or product caused your injuries. In other words, those injured on the job by exposure to asbestos, may file a claim against the product manufacturer for bodily harm, as well as a workers compensation claim against an employer.

In a third party liability claim, you will be able to be compensated for pain and suffering and for other non-economic damages that are not allowed in a workers compensation claim.

The Birmingham workers compensation lawyers at Wininger Law Firm, LLC, will actively seek to maximize compensation from each source available.

Many of our clients are recommended to us by previous clients. Because we are up to date with both workers compensation and personal injury law, we are able to understand the complex interplay between workers compensation and third-party private lawsuits.

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