Brain Injuries

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Traumatic Brain Injury or TBI in Alabama

Although the brain is a sophisticated organ with over 100 billion neurons, it is also delicate. It can be easily be damaged in a fall, or when an object strikes or pierces the brain or even from a car accident. The trauma from the incident can result in an open or closed head injury.

A closed head injury is usually caused by a hard blow or impact; the skull remains intact, and no entry to the brain is made. An open head injury occurs when an object pierces through the skull and penetrates the brain. Any head injury that is the result of negligence should be brought to the attention of a Birmingham brain injury lawyer immediately.

Common Disabilities Resulting from Traumatic Brain Injuries

Brain damage from an open or closed head wound may manifest itself immediately or may take several days.

Temporary, long term or permanent neurological impairment may occur, and may result in:

  • Difficulties with Cognition – thinking, reasoning and memory
  • Sensory Processing Difficulties – sight, smell, taste, touch and hearing
  • Communication Problems – understanding and expression
  • Changes in Behavior or Mental Health — acting out, aggression, personality changes, anxiety and depression, lack of impulse control
  • Unresponsive – stupor, unconsciousness, or persistent vegetative state (PVS)


Every year over 1.7 million people are brain injured. According to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), many of the 10,000 annual emergency room visits for traumatic brain injury, or TBI, are for sports activities like horseback riding, ice skating, golf, ATV riding, sledding, football, soccer, bicycling, basketball and playground injuries.

Seventy-five percent of TBI injuries involve concussions. A concussion is a closed TBI resulting from an impact to the head. A person may or may not lose consciousness after a concussion.

Any child, teen or adult who receives a blow to the head, or a whiplash type injury should seek immediate medical attention.

Physical symptoms of a concussion include:

  • Headache
  • Nausea or vomiting
  • Dizziness or balance issues
  • Sensitivity to Light or Noise; Blurry Vision
  • Foggy Mental State or Sluggishness
  • Confusion or Memory Problems

Hemorrhage within the brain or between the skull and brain can lead to long-lasting or permanent loss of mental function. These injuries frequently result in death, especially if action is not taken to stop bleeding and conserve brain tissue.

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