Penn State Tragedy

In this space I try to give our clients and friends information about how they can protect themselves legally in different situations on a monthly basis. This month however, I feel there is an issue that has arisen which has touched all of our hearts, especially those of us with children. As you all have heard, a longtime assistant football coach at a storied football program, Penn State, has been accused of molesting young boys for a period of over a decade, and sadly on the Penn State campus. Most of those young boys were under privileged and were a part (supposedly as beneficiaries) of a foundation designed to help the boys develop self esteem and empower them to go forward into the world with a better opportunity to achieve success.

Instead, the boys were raped and humiliated in the one place they and their parents felt the children would be safe and protected. Possibly worst of all, it appears that the witnesses to the criminal acts and the administrators of the University chose to cover up the atrocities rather than take the chance of tarnishing the “brand” of Penn State football.

I love college football, but I pray that I never am so blinded by pride and greed that I lose my ability to do the right thing.