Pastor Convicted of Sexual Abuse of Teenager

An Eight Mile man who happens to be the pastor of a church, was convicted of sexually abusing a teenage girl.  A jury found Cederick McMillan, 27, guilty of both first-degree sexual abuse and second-degree sodomy.

McMillan is pastor of New Birth Community Church in Mobile and was one of the founders of Prichard Preparatory Academy.   He was accused of both sexually touching and having oral sex with a 14-year-old teenager back in 2007, although the police did not receive the complaint concerning the sexual assault until 2010 when the girl was 17.

According to McMillan’s defense attorney, Jeff Deen, the contact between the pastor and the teenager was consensual and occurred after the girl’s 17th birthday.  Deen stated that his client had a fling with the girl after breaking up with the girl’s mother.  According to the attorney, at first the girl denied having any sexual contact with McMillan, but then in a second interview with the police, admitted  the sexual incident happened when she was fourteen.  “I’m very upset with the jury verdict,” Deen said.  “But he had a good cross section of the community, and I’m a very strong believer in the jury system.” 

Deen also noted that his client had no criminal record and there was no allegations of violence in the relationship with the teenager.  “I would hope there would be a way to punish him without incarcerating him,” he said.

For the sodomy charge, McMillan could face a prison term of two to twenty years in prison.

When we entrust our children to the care of our religious leaders, we expect them to be treated with respect and be protected, not abused.  When a child is violated sexually, the experience can cause both physical and emotional trauma, which can lead to feelings of fear, anxiety, depression or helplessness.  The abuse may also affect future relationships of the child.  If your child, no matter the age, has been sexually abused, contact a personal injury lawyer who will aggressively investigate the matter and assist you in receiving financial compensation for your child’s injuries and trauma and also ensure the perpetrator is held accountable for his actions.