Nursing Home Abuse Investigated in Alabaster

An Alabama family was curious about the treatment a family member received at a nursing home when they were not around.  The family members repeatedly asked questions of staff, and eventually took the matter into their own hands by hiring a company to install hidden cameras in their family member’s room at the nursing home.  What the family discovered after viewing the video tape,  led to an investigation by the local police department.

FOX6 News reports that the video tape shows most of the Chandler Health & Rehab employees providing quality care.  However, there were several incidents on the video tape that prompted the police investigation.  It appears that  two people are pulling a cord attached to the paralyzed patient over and over again.  Another portion of the video filmed in the dark, shows an employee thumping or hitting the patient. 

Chandler Health & Rehab’s director Joe Meadows told the news station that he took immediate action after viewing the tape.  “The center responded swiftly once we were made aware of these actions,” Meadows said.  “The individuals are no longer employed here.  We have filed reports with local and state agencies who are currently investigating this case.”

According to Alabaster Police, two former employees, Patricia Hockaday and William Dixon, Jr., turned themselves in earlier this summer, and another former employee, Ronald Butler, Jr., turned himself in just last week.  Police are looking for and have issued a warrant for Janice Lashun Robinson for emotional abuse of a protected person. 

The family, who declined to be interviewed, has decided to keep the patient at the nursing home telling FOX6 News that “they are now happy with his treatment at Chandler Health & Rehab.”

The state of Alabama has strict laws against the emotional, sexual or physical abuse of residents in nursing homes.  If you believe a family member in a long-term care facility is being abused,  speak with an experienced personal injury lawyer.