More Than 20,000 Gas Dryers Recalled for Fire Hazard

After washing their clothes, most people will place the clothes in a dryer rather than dry the clothes on a line.  Not only does the clothes in a dryer come out dry, but they also come out wrinkle free as well.  Unfortunately for some consumers who purchased LG or Kenmore dryers, the dryers not only dried the clothes, but scorched or burned the clothes, too.

A voluntary recall of 21,000 LG Electronics and Kenmore Elite gas dryers has been made, according to the U.S. Consumer Safety Commission.  These dryers have a faulty gas valve that fails to shut off properly, and, thus, continues to heat the dryer and the clothes in the dryer after the drying cycle is over.  This results in high temperatures which can scorch the drum, burn or damage the clothes in the dryer, which poses a risk of burn, fire and smoke inhalation.

Both dryer brands were sold nationwide from November 2009 until August 2010 at Sears stores and other appliance stores as well.  To date, 114 consumer complaints have been received, which included three reports of minor burns to hands or arms, and 50 incidents of burnt or scorched clothing.

The models in the recall are:  LG:  DLG0452W, DLG2051W    Kenmore Elite:  796.90519800, 796.91022900, 796.91028900,796.91029900, 796.92192900, 796.92198900, 796.92199900.

The model and serial numbers can be found on a label on the front of the dryer above the opened door.  If you have a recalled dryer, you need to turn off the gas supply and immediately stop using the dryer.  LG owners who did not purchase their dryer from Sears, should contact LG customer service at 866-223-5355 to arrange for a free valve replacement.  Those customers who purchased either LG or Kenmore dryers from Sears, should contact Sear’s customer service at 888-375-9741 for a free valve replacement, as well.

Consumer Reports has found that dryers were the main cause of nearly 9,000 home fires from 2002 to 2009, which resulted in ten deaths and 244 injuries.  If you or a loved one has been injured as a result of a dryer fire, an experienced Alabama personal injury lawyer can assist you in seeking damages for medical bills and other compensation.