March Madness is New York Yankees Spring Training for the Wininger Law Firm

As many of you may know our founding partner David Wininger has, for at least the last 10 years, taken much of the month of March away from the busy practice of law and traveled to Central Florida where he and his wife Peggy have season tickets to all the Yankees Spring Training games.  This year was no exception as they left for Tampa during the first week of March and returned on the 31st.

During their most recent trip they saw their team play around 22 games in 25 days, and as usual got to see and visit with friends from all over the country whom they have met throughout the years.  Of course they enjoy seeing the veteran players whom they have been watching for years, but they truly have the most fun evaluating the younger players who are working hard to make a good impression and perhaps make the Major League squad.  Be sure to go to our website and see some of the photographs they took during Spring Training this year.  There is even one of Derek Jeter’s new home on the water near Tampa.

Now that April is here, Mr. Wininger is back in the saddle at the firm and ready to hit the courtroom, as we have several trials set.  Thanks to all our staff for taking up the slack while he was gone and helping get his files ready for trial.  Everybody really “pitched-in.”  Sorry for the shameless pun.