Man Injured in Construction Accident Awarded $1.7 Million

On October 30, 2009, Christopher Hill was on a man-lift installing overhead cranes during the construction of the ThyssenKrupp Steel Mill.  While standing in the man-lift eighty feet in the air, the wire ropes holding the lift broke, causing Hill to fall twenty-five feet.

In the fall, Hill was seriously injured.  The femur in his right leg was broken and he hit his head so hard he lost consciousness.  Hill was suspended in the air for forty-five minutes before he was rescued by emergency personnel.

Hill returned to work two months after his accident; however, he now had a steel rod inserted in his body from his hip to his knee and must walk with the aid of a cane.  He has also developed post traumatic arthritis in his right knee, as well.

Hill’s accident and injuries could had been avoided had the crane owner, All Crane, had the crane inspected as required by law.  According to Hill’s attorney, in order to save on overtime pay for its mechanics, All Crane ceased inspections. 

“If only the mechanics would have checked the equipment, the damage would have been obvious,” Hill’s lawyer stated.

Last week according to, Hill won a civil judgment of $1.7 million against three companies.  The jury in the case awarded Hill $1 million in compensatory damages against All Crane Rental of Alabama, TEK Airlifts and SMP Welding.  The jury also ordered the owner of the man-lift, All Crane, to pay $700,000 in punitive damages to Hill. 

Hill’s lawyer stated when asked if the defendants might appeal the jury’s award,  the “ball is in the defendants court; they will determine whether or not to pay the verdict or appeal to the Alabama Supreme Court.”

When injured on the job to protect your legal rights, it is recommended that you  immediately seek the advice of an experienced Alabama personal injury attorney.