Man Drives Into Ravine While Texting

Many states are becoming involved in banning the use of cell phones while driving.  Perhaps the most dangerous use of a cell phone while driving is that of texting.   There are currently 35 states with bans on texting and driving, with Alabama’s ban taking effect last week.   Even when a texting driver knows he is participating in a dangerous activity, he keeps on texting.  One texting driver in Texas, now wishes he would have listened to his own advice to stop texting while driving.

A Victoria, Texas college student was driving to his home in Ganado after an early class to visit a childhood friend.  The two friends were carrying on an argument of sorts through texting on their cell phones.  Moments after texting “I need to quit texting, because I could die in a car accident,” the man veered off the road and crashed into a ravine. 

Chance Bothe, 21, was extremely fortunate there were witnesses to his accident.  Two men ran to the scene of the crash, hesitated in pulling Bothe from his truck, but then went ahead and removed the man from the vehicle.  Moments after Bothe was removed from the truck, it burst into flames.  Bothe received very serious injuries as a result of his crash.  He had an open compound fracture to his left ankle, a punctured right lung, multiple facial fractures along with lacerations, a severe skull fracture with apparent head trauma and a small brain bleed.  It’s been six months since his accident and Bothe is still recovering from his injuries.

His mother Vicki Bothe stated her son had to learn everything over again.  “He had to learn to speak with proper voice inflection.  He had to learn how to convey emotion.  Prior to the accident, he was an extremely intelligent child.  He painted, he played music, he was a math whiz.”

Chance is now joining his family on a mission to share his story to help prevent deaths and injuries caused by texting while driving.  Family members have founded UnSend, a foundation determined to raise awareness about texting and driving.  The foundation’s website pleads, “So here is the question.  What can you do?  Make a pledge and take a stand to “Keep It In Your Pants!  The text can wait.  Your life cannot.  Don’t let a text message be your famous last words.”