Lawyer In High Stress Injury Law Practice Must Learn To Relax – RINGO STARR and his ALL-STARR BAND

Usually this blog is devoted to tips and results which hopefully help our clients deal better with their legal issues, which as you know can often feel overwhelming. Well, having done this kind of work for well over 20 years, I’ve learned that the only way to get back into the swing of working hard for our clients is to take a day now and then to recharge the batteries.

Those who know me best know that I love music and am a HUGE BEATLES follower. We jumped at the opportunity to see RINGO STARR and his ALL-STAR BAND in Biloxi last weekend. His band included A-List musicians that have all had #1 hits on their own. Together, it was magic. On sax and synth was EDGAR WINTER, who can still blow away the room. He played ‘FREE RIDE’ and ‘FRANKENSTEIN.’ Keyboardist GARY WRIGHT performed his hits ‘DREAM WEAVER’ and ‘MY LOVE IS ALIVE.” Incredible guitar shredder RICK DERRINGER rocked on “ROCK & ROLL, HOOCHIE KOO.”

Of course the night really belonged to RINGO who sang several of his BEATLES songs and his best solo efforts, beginning with ‘IT DON’T COME EASY’ and concluding with ‘WITH A LITTLE HELP FROM MY FRIENDS.’ The finale included everyone in the showroom singing John Lennon’s ‘GIVE PEACE A CHANCE.’ What a great experience and much needed I must say. Here’s a pic we snapped from our seats. Rock on Ringo! Thanks for a wonderful evening. PEACE AND LOVE!!