Keeping Kids Safe from Hazardous Toys and Clothing During the Holidays

The Wininger Law Firm wishes you and your family a joyous and safe Christmas. Keeping kids safe from hazardous toys or clothing is always a big concern to parents, especially at this time of year when we are searching for perfect gifts for the little ones.

According to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Division (CPSD), “stronger federal rules are making a positive impact and restoring confidence in the safety of toys.”

New safeguards implemented by the CPSD include:

  • Establishing the lowest lead content/lowest lead paint limits of any country
  • Requirements for third-parties to test and certify the safety of toys intended for children age 12 and younger
  • Stringent limits on the amount of cadmium or phthalates in toys
  • Working with the Dept. of Homeland Security in the seizure of dangerous toy imports from foreign countries

The Consumer Product Safety Division stresses, however, that the most common cause of injury or death in young children is due to choking hazards. The agency released a report in mid-November, stating that approximately 251,700 children were treated in the ER in 2010 for toy-related injuries.

Additionally, there were 17 toy-related deaths in children younger than 15. The majority of deaths in children in 2010 were due to choking hazards from balloons, small balls and game or accessory parts.

High powered magnets (i.e. Nanospheres and Buckyballs) are especially dangerous if they are swallowed. They can lodge inside the intestines and can cause obstruction, tissue death or blood poisoning. This is especially true if more than one magnet has been ingested and magnets attract each other inside the intestinal tract.

Non-motorized scooters, riding toys and ATVs can also present a danger to children, especially in those who are unsupervised.

Beware of the following children’s shoes and slippers. These products have been recently recalled by the CPSD for laceration or choking hazards.

KEDS® “Know it All” Girls’ Shoe. The metal stars which are fastened to the heel of the pink and black rubber-soled shoe can detach and cause lacerations.

Kidgets® Animal Sock Top Slippers, distributed by Family Dollar Store. The animal’s eyes can detach from the product and can present a choking hazard if ingested.