Hoover Police Arrest Birmingham Lawyer on Sex-Related Charges

When running for a public office, it’s always wise to put your best foot forward and those candidates vying for a county judge position, will want to be in the public eye.  However, having the police arrest you for sex-related charges,  is definitely not the best way to catch the public’s eye or deemed as putting your best foot  forward either.

Hoover Chief of Police, Nick Derzis, stated that judicial candidate, Chuck Hunter, 58, was arrested by police on Wednesday on charges of enticing a minor for sexual purposes and traveling to meet a minor for sexual services.  Enticing a minor for sexual purposes is the act of persuading, luring or asking anyone under the age of sixteen to enter a vehicle, home, office, or any other dwelling for the purpose of having sexual intercourse or to engage in a sexual act.  Anyone under sixteen is by law considered a minor.  Hunter, a married father of five, was arrested at his home in Birmingham and is being held without bond.  Chief Derzis said because of the sensitive nature of the investigation, he could not release more details in the case.

Hunter is a trial lawyer who ran an unsuccessful campaign in 2010 against Judge Helen Shores Lee.  During his 2010 campaign, Hunter was often quoted as saying, “If you can vote for a white bread Catholic Republican trial lawyer, then please vote for me.”  Hunter is, or should we say was, set to run against incumbent Circuit Judge Houston Brown, a democrat, for Circuit Court Place 11, a civil court seat.