Hanging with A-Rod and Cameron Diaz on Broadway in NYC

We always try to take a long weekend trip around the 4th of July each year to try to de-stress from the law business. I try my best to plan unusual and different events, and if we are to see a show, I love to try to get great seats. Stephanie and I went to NYC last Friday and that night had tickets to see “Rock of Ages,” a Broadway musical based on the “hair band” music of the 80’s.

We had second row, center aisle seats for the show and were settling into them when I felt someone being seated behind me. I looked back to see actress Cameron Diaz taking the seat. I nudged Stephanie, mentioning the fact, and of course she accused me of drinking, before she glanced back and saw that I was right. Within a minute the seat next to Cameron was taken by New York Yankees star 3rd Baseman, Alex Rodriguez (A-Rod). Obviously it was some sort of a date for them and we didn’t want to interrupt, but we did exchange pleasantries with them. Both were nice and cordial, with Cameron commenting that she “loved” Stephanie’s shoes and asked where she had gotten them. (By the way, EVERYONE ALWAYS loves Stephanie’s shoes)

I told Alex that we would see him at the game tomorrow and that we’d be sitting a few rows back from the Yankees dugout. He had a good game the next day, but probably not as good as the night before!