Governor Robert Bentley Proclaims the Month of May as Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month

On April 24, the governor of Alabama, Robert Bentley, proclaimed the month of May 2012 as “Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month.”

The proclamation states in summary:

Motorcycles are increasingly used as a regular means of transportation and are energy-efficient vehicles that reduce fuel consumption, traffic and parking congestion.  The motorcycle is an important form of transportation for commuting, touring and recreation.

It is a matter of safety to develop appropriate driving habits to handle these vehicles on Alabama roadways.  The leading causes of  motorcycle crashes  include speeding, misjudging stopping distances, following too closely and failure to yield right-of-way.  To prevent injuries and deaths on Alabama’s roadways, motorcyclists and motorists must be vigilant in their efforts to share the road and ensure the safety of everyone. 

State Agencies, motorcycle enthusiasts, motorcycle clubs, and state and local law enforcement officials are joining together to heighten awareness about the importance of “sharing the road” with motorcycles, to encourage all motorists to drive with caution to make Alabama’s highways safer, and to emphasize the message that motorcycle riders and automobile drivers share the responsibility for safety.

Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month raises public awareness for a lifetime of safe motorcycle riding. 

Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month is a nationwide effort to educate the public and help both riders and motorists decrease roadway injuries and fatalities. ‘