Good Lawyers Know the Difference Between a Good Lawsuit and a Dumb Lawsuit

There is an old saying in law that you can find some lawyer to file almost any lawsuit for you, but as we know, a good lawyer will not accept those cases. Recently we read of a lawsuit filed in Utah by a woman who wanted to go for a walk. She had gotten walking directions on her smartphone by “Google Maps.”

Of course the woman ended up walking onto a busy highway, where she, of course, got hit by a car. Not only did she sue the driver of the vehicle that hit her, but she also sued GOOGLE, for failing to warn her that the road (State Route 224) had vehicles traveling at a high rate of speed and that there were no pedestrian sidewalks.

Is it just me, or did there come a time when she needed to stop blindly following the directions? Maybe when she realized that she was about to walk onto a busy highway?

As Katt Williams would say, “How hilariously sad.”