Ford Issues Two Vehicle Recalls

Ford Motor Company has issued a recall of about 140,000 of its Escape SUVs.  The recall concerns overheating issues in the cylinder heads of its SUV which may then lead to oil leaks and potentially a fire in the engine compartment.  The problems were identified when Ford noticed a trend in warranty reports of fuel odor and leaks related to the engine compartment fuel lines which were improperly installed during a prior recall.

Ford plans on notifying all of the effected vehicle owners by mail and instructing them to take their vehicles to a Ford or Lincoln dealer to have enhancements to the engine shielding, cooling and control systems made to their vehicle and a small portion of the effected population will also have the engine compartment fuel line inspected and replaced as required.  There will be no charge to owners affected by this safety recall.

If this has happened to you or anyone you know, please contact us.