Decatur Man Loses Control of SUV, Drives off Bridge

Cell phone usage while driving a motor vehicle is a subject that is quite controversial right now.  An Alabama man found out the hard way, the driving and talking on a phone don’t mix.

In Lacon, Alabama, a 47-year-old man, lost control of his car and drove off a bridge into a creek, stated Alabama State Troopers.

Scott Thompson of Decatur was traveling north on U.S. 65 near mile marker 319, north of Lacon and south of Falkville.  Thompson somehow lost control of his 2007 Nissan when he reached to answer his cell phone.  According to the state troopers, when Thompson lost control of the vehicle, he collided with the guard rail.  Mr. Thompson ended up going through the guard rail landing in a creek 80 feet below the bridge.  Alabama State Troopers responded to the accident at about 6:00 a.m.

Thompson’s vehicle was partially submerged in the creek, but miraculously, he was uninjured and managed to escape, reported troopers.  Thompson’s vehicle was totaled in the crash.

Troopers also stated it took Morgan County Sheriff’s Department and the Falkville Fire Department a few hours to retrieve the vehicle from the creek.

Alabama State Troopers stated Scott drove off the bridge while attempting to answer his cell phone. 

Officials are still investigating the wreck.

Alabama does not yet have any laws concerning cell phone usage while driving.  It’s wise to avoid the distraction, as this accident points out, especially for new or inexperienced drivers.  When your cell phone rings while your are driving, if the message is important, the caller will leave a message and you can check the message after you stop.  If you really feel it’s important to answer your phone, then pull over to a safe spot and have your conversation.  Other drivers will appreciate your concern for safety.

Drivers who frequently talk on a cell phone while driving may want to purchase a blue tooth for their phone.  A blue tooth is a hands free device that fits over your ear and makes it possible for you to answer calls and speak on the phone without having to use your hands.  However, even talking over a blue tooth can be a distraction for a driver.  The best possible and safest solution would be to wait until you are stopped to have a conversation on your cell phone.