Court Funding Crisis in Alabama

                On November 4, 2013, Gov. Robert Bentley released an extra $2 million in funding for the state court system, derived from a small surplus in FY2013.  Despite this recent lifeline, Chief Justice Roy Moore has requested an additional $6.5 million in funding for FY2014 for our cash strapped judicial system.  This new money will allow the courts to continue functioning at current staffing levels and avoid further cuts to its workforce, but the courts will maintain the policy of closing circuit clerk office’s on Wednesdays. 

                Despite the extra money our states court system is still in desperate need.  The underfunded court system has already caused long unnecessary delays in litigation that unfairly prejudice the injured individuals while big business and insurance companies reap the rewards of discouraged litigants.  We may not always agree with the political or social policies of the current conservative regime in Montgomery, we can agree that the Court system is drastically underfunded.   This move by Gov. Bentley while much appreciated is still justice delayed for innocent injury vicitms who wait years to have their day in Court.