Congratulations to Mrs. Una Battles

We would like to join in saying, congratulations to our long time friend and client Una Battles, who is retiring as headmistress of Advent Episcopal after 44 years.  Advent is directly across 21st street from our law office.  We couldn’t ask for better neighbors or friends.  As much as we love the Battles family for who they are, we would certainly be remiss if we did not acknowledge Mrs. Battles’ accomplishments over the years.  Mrs. Battles lead the integration of the school, taking an existing open-door policy and making it a reality by creating what she calls “an inner-city, integrated, church-related school.”

James Bradford, incoming president of the Advent Episcopal Board, says “She (Una) is a wonderful leader and a role model for all the students, and the teachers, and the parents of the school.  Bradford went on to say that “the school has an endowment now, operates in the black, and is debt free and that Ms. Battles has basically taken a school that was created in 1951 or 1952, and has turned it into really one of the preeminent elementary schools, probably in the Southeast.”

Often the students at Advent Episcopal made the pilgrimage to our office to share Mrs. Battles’ love of baseball, which also happens to be one of our passions to view the spectacle of our baseball Memorabilia.  It was our privilege to welcome Mrs. Battles and all of the wonderful teachers and children at Advent into our office.  A very humble break from the practice of law – and we sincerely thank you for that opportunity, Una.