Church Official Investigated for Claims of Sexual Abuse Against Children

Our religious leaders not only teach us the tenets of our church, but help comfort and guide us as well.  We entrust our children to them for the very same reasons.  Unfortunately, there are those members of the clergy who violate that trust and sexually abuse those children we entrusted to them.

Police in Alabama are investigating a long-time church official accused of sexual abuse against children in his church.  According to WHNT News 19, the allegations have surfaced in the past couple of days after the church, Sheffield First United Methodist Church, conducted its own investigation into the allegations and then turned the information over to the Sheffield Police Department.  Church leaders say that they first learned of the allegations last Wednesday, July 25, and they fired the man, who was a long-time minister of music, on Friday, July 27. 

Although the man has not been charged, Sheffield police have said they will be interviewing church members and also plan to call the Alabama Bureau of Investigation and the FBI.

When a child has been sexually molested by someone who they look up to, their world is not only shattered, they suffer both physical and emotional trauma.  Depending on the seriousness, the duration and the sort of abuse, a child can suffer social, sexual, physical and psychological problems after being sexually abused.

Even if the perpetrator of the crime is tried and convicted in court, this does not mean his conviction will lead to compensation for pain and suffering, medical bills and other damages to the victim.  A caring and experienced personal injury attorney will take the legal action needed to ensure that your child is financially compensated, and that the person responsible is held accountable in a civil court of law.