Millions of children are in danger of serious injury of death because of defective products present in their homes. Take a few minutes and look through your home and protect your family from these products that have proven to be dangerous and deadly. It only takes one incident to change your life forever. Parents and grandparents should be diligent. Look for these products and safely dispose and replace them with safer products.

1)      Drop-Side Cribs – These cribs were marketed for their ease of use, allowing the infant to be retrieved from its crib without the parent having to bend over and reach into the crib. Although at first blush they seem convenient, the deaths of dozens of infants and serious injuries to hundreds more prompted a recall of over 11 million of these “drop side cribs.” If you have such a crib in your home please know that they are no longer considered safe. Safer alternatives are available.

2)      Roman Shades and Blinds – Children, especially toddlers,  are curious and can quickly get into potentially deadly trouble around windows equipped with Roman shades and blinds. The cords of these type window treatments are easily tangled around the necks of unsuspecting young children. Because of the many child deaths and injuries caused by Roman shades and Roman blinds the U.S. government has ordered the recall of nearly every roman shade manufactured before 2009. Most people forget about window blinds and shades once they are installed. Take the time to check.

3)      Maclaren Strollers – In 2009 over a million of these Maclaren strollers were recalled. Reports showed that the tiny fingers of children were easily caught in the joints and hinges of these strollers potentially causing traumatic amputation. Even with the recall, there are thousands of these strollers still available, mostly at garage sales and consignment shops. To be safe, never use a stroller manufactured prior to 2010.

4)      Magnetix Building Sets –Again, the curiosity of young children puts them in potential danger. The small magnets included in the Magnetix Building Sets are easily swallowed. Since symptoms of ingesting small foreign objects take time to manifest, many small children have swallowed several of the magnets, which tend to link together (after all, they are magnets) in the stomach of the child. Unfortunately it takes surgical intervention to remove the magnets. Magnetix sold millions of these sets, so safeguard your home by inspecting for these and other small magnets, including the ones you might use to attach pictures and things to your refrigerator.