Birmingham Police: One Killed, Two Injured in Car Crash

On May 27, a car ran off a road and struck the side of a vacant house, killing one person and injuring two more.  Police have not released the name or gender of the person killed in the wreck, pending notification of family.

The fatal crash occurred sometime shortly before 5:00 a.m. on Jefferson Avenue.  Birmingham Police Sergeant Vincent Green said the crash happened when the driver lost control of the car.  The black Chevrolet Impala ran off of the road, through a fence and  hit the side of a vacant house.  When the car hit the house, the impact caused the house’s brick chimney to collapse on the roof of the car.  The weight of the chimney, crushed the roof of the car inward, thus causing the death of a passenger and the injuries of two others in the car.  Police have not stated how many people were in the car at the time of the crash and whether or not the driver was one of those injured.

Sergeant Green stated that it was unclear why the driver lost control of the car.  The two injured people were taken to UAB Hospital for treatment of injuries.

According to the police report, firefighters had to cut the top of the car off to reach and help at least one victim.  It was fortunate the house the car struck was vacant, as at least there were no occupants that could have been injured in the crash.

The accident is still under police investigation.