Baldwin County Teen Mom Charged With First-Degree Domestic Violence

A Marlow, Alabama teenage mother was charged with first-degree domestic violence Thursday after her son was admitted to the hospital.

Tanya Marie Jarmin, 19, was charged with the felony after her three-month-old son was admitted to Thomas Hospital in Fairhope, according to a Sheriff’s statement.  Hospital workers found that the baby had a broken right femur.  The child was transferred to the University of South Alabama Women’s and Children’s Hospital.  An examination at this hospital showed that the infant also had a broken left leg and skull fracture.

Captain Steve Arthur of the Sheriff’s Office said that Jarmin told investigators that she had injured her son for, “no reason why other than she had anger issues.”

According to investigators, Jarmin said she injured the boy’s legs at their home on Baldwin County 32 southeast of Fairhope.  The skull fracture took place at home in Mobile several weeks ago, according to Captain Arthur.

The Alabama Department of Human Resource placed the victim, after treatment and release from the hospital, and his 2-year-old sister, in the custody of family members in Mobile.  Arthur stated investigators found no indication that the infant’s sister had been abused.

In Alabama, domestic violence relationships are defined as such when the victim is either a spouse, a former spouse, a parent, a child, a person with whom the victim has a child in common, a present or former household member, or a person who has or had a dating or engagement relationship.  First-degree domestic violence  occurs when a person commits the crime of Assault 1st degree, and is a Class A Felony.

Jarmin was being held in the Baldwin County Correction Center in Bay Minette.  Her bond was set at $10,000, according to the Correction Center records.