Alabama Government Run by Special Interest Groups

                A campaign financing report was filed by the Poarch Band of Creek Indians and their political action committee, T Pac stating State Senator Slade Blackwell of Mountain Brook  was the recipient of $10,000.00 from the group.  The Poarch Band of Creek Indians has been using T Pac to buy gambling influence in Montgomery for years.  Sen. Blackwell claims that he was the recipient of an unsolicited $10,000.00 from the group; however, Sen. Blackwell claims to have promptly returned the money and is now upset over what he claims could be used to misrepresent who is supporting his reelection bid.   

                In the landmark Citizen’s United case the U.S. Supreme Court decided that corporations are essentially the same as individuals and should be afforded the same freedoms of speech concerning campaign donations and political speech.  What the Supreme Court did in a 5-4 conservative opinion was allow these political action committees to “donate” unlimited funds to candidates of their choosing.  These large donations have obviously gone to candidates that best reflect the political views and agenda of the funding organization; essentially, giving these PAC’s, who are funded and operated by big business, a way to purchase influence and votes in our federal and state legislature.  Please be an educated voter and be mindful of the forces that might be working to influence your senator or representative.  What might look like an innocent campaign donation may lead to changes at home that you never anticipated or intended when you cast your vote at the ballet box.