Birmingham Personal Injury Lawyers

A Commitment to Clients with Personal Injury Claims in Alabama

The Wininger Law Firm, LLC, is a firm committed to helping clients in Jefferson County and in neighboring Alabama counties with effective legal representation for Personal Injury, Wrongful Deathand Worker’s Compensation cases.

Since 1964, our Birmingham personal injury attorneys have represented clients who have sustained serious or fatal injuries in pedestrian accidents, vehicle collisions, bike accidents, DUI, and workplace accidents. Approximately 35,000 drivers in Alabama are injured on rural and city highways each year. Each incident is life-transforming, and can cause painful injuries, mental suffering and devastating economic losses from medical expenses, wage loss, or reduced future earnings capacity.

Protecting Family Survivors after a Wrongful Death

In a brief moment, the negligent actions of another driver can cause the tragic death of a spouse, child or family member who is near to you. The Birmingham Wrongful Death attorneys at Wininger Law Firm, LLC, have the compassion and experience to guide survivors through the legal and financial aspects of family loss. We will seek punitive damages to help protect your financial future as you recover from the death of your loved one.

Get Compensation – Personal Injury Attorneys Birmingham, AL

The traumatic injuries from an accident can sometimes last a lifetime, especially in those cases involving brain, burn or spinal cord injuries. We have an excellent reputation for trying and successfully resolving catastrophic injury cases at trial, especially in incidents where an insurance company’s offer to settle, was grossly inadequate for the long-term medical and financial needs of a catastrophically-injured individual.

Skillful Handling of Aggressive Auto Insurers

Although we are a caring, family-owned law firm, we are known for our assertiveness when it comes to protecting our clients against insurance companies. Due to current economic instability, many insurance companies use delay or bull-dog tactics to avoid paying medical bills, lost wages and other out-of-pocket expenses for legitimate accident insurance claims. We fight hard to win successful outcomes for each of our clients through equitable settlement or by verdict at trial.

Negligence of a Business or Property Owner

The Birmingham personal injury lawyers at Wininger Law Firm, handle many negligence cases for injuries occurring on private property. This can include dog bites on a neighbor’s property, negligent supervision of a child in daycare, or a slip and fall injury in a home improvement center.

Alabama Accident and Injury Attorneys

Our Alabama personal injury attorneys offer legal representation in a vast range of injury cases, including:

Alabama accident attorneys at Wininger Law Firm, LLC, have served neighbors and business professionals with integrity and professionalism for over four decades. Call 205.322.3663, or toll free at 888.808.INJURY, to arrange for a free personal injury case consultation with a Birmingham personal injury lawyer.